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The gallery contains a selection of items that have been digitised to provide an indication of the type of materials held in the political archives, and it is hoped that this selection will be added to as the project proceeds. The Poster Collection can be browsed via the link below, with the images being displayed in JPEG format in sizes suitable for viewing and for powerpoint display. Copies of the original TIFF files can also be ordered if required. The full text of the pamphlet selections can be viewed and will display in ADOBE PDF format. For information concerning the copyright status of these materials see here.

poster collection

Poster collection - These include items from the elections in Zimbabwe which were held as part of the process of ending white-only rule in the former Rhodesia, South African posters dating from the end of the apartheid era and posters produced in Cuba after the revolution. Please select posters from the list below:


pamphlet collection

Political pamphlets - These have been selected from amongst the collections as being of particular interest, whether for their written content, their visual layout or for their particularly ephemeral nature. Please select pamphlets from the list below:









canadian communists

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